753 S Orlando Ave, Winter Park, FL, 32789 

Business Hours:
Friday and Saturday :11:00am-11:00pm
Sunday: 12:00 noon -10:00pm
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Reviewed by: atbarwick on: 2020/1/26 14:11:27
Finally found a good Chinese restaurant in winter park. We've tried numerous and they just didn't match up with our old place in college park. Ordered what we normally do and was so please! General Tso, orange chicken, garlic broccoli, crab rangoon, fried dumplings, all delicious!
Reviewed by: dainette28 on: 2019/10/15 9:35:24
That lady god my order wrong she got mad cause they gave me pork i told no pork just chicken im not ever coming again here the service very poor she got mad for no reason if she dont understand English they need to put someone on the phone who does!!!
Reviewed by: jazzasap331 on: 2019/8/13 10:53:14
First time ordering form you guys and the food was so good
Reviewed by: ahjaffeemd on: 2019/5/27 13:23:35
Too Americanized. Seafood dishes filled with surimi (krab) without being among the listed ingredients. Zucchini and carrots in place of Chinese vegetables. 2 stars.
Reviewed by: djhughes5 on: 2019/4/9 13:52:16
Great affordable Chinese food in the Winter Park area
Reviewed by: forbestm87 on: 2018/8/24 13:51:36
I have been ordering from this lovely store for about 6 months now. They have me hooked! The food is priced right and fair, my taste buds always jump for joy when I place an order and my stomach is full of happiness. Thank you for your hard work and your dedication to making great food.
Reviewed by: wyldegypsy on: 2018/4/5 12:46:08
First time ordering from this place, first time ordering on the website. Food is great! Service & Accounting Sucked! My order confirmation email said total was $17.25 with my partial credit card number – this was the amount I agreed to pay before the button online, so that was good (that matched). They charged a completely different amount (higher) on my card than confirmation. Looking at receipt driver brought, they added a $3.00 gas charge (on top of the $1.00 delivery fee included in the $17.25) and when adding everything up, nothing makes sense from the amount I paid to adding that $3. Worst part is that delivery address and restaurant address is not even 0.5miles from each other. Never ordering from here again!
Reviewed by: katiebug7932 on: 2018/3/23 8:55:34
Food is great, but some of the staff are rude on the phone which doesn't make you want to come back or call to order.
Reviewed by: monsamg on: 2018/2/25 10:59:57
Extremely rude. No customer service skills whatsoever.
Reviewed by: pamary1013 on: 2016-10-01
Hi!!! You have a nasty lady answering the phone that shouldn't be working with people. She is rude, disrespectful, unprofessional and with poor manners. Her language skills are deplorable. She yells at the customer and hangs up the phone when she can't understand or doesn't know how to speak. If you ask her to transfer you to somebody else, she hangs the phone on you. She doesn't respect the customers and she extremely aggressive. The only thing that makes me call is because the food is good. I'm Hispanic and my husband is Italian American and we both feel mistreated by this woman. You need to do something about it. You need to speak to her. You are probably losing business because of her attitude. I just called October 1st, 2016 at 4pm. When I asked to be transferred to somebody else she told me: Oh, you are not happy with me. Then, she proceeded to hang up the phone. Wooooowww!!! If you are business person you don't want your employees abusing your customers. Please, forward this message to the owner. China Star Winter Park, Florida.